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Stomach Cancer Treatment in Hyderabad

February 15, 2017 - Dr. Sachin - Cancerindia

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Stomach cancer or gastric cancer usually commences in skin cells in the inner level of the stomach, entering other areas over the time.  Stomach cancer can metastases through the stomach’s external layer into near by internal organs, including the liver, pancreas, oesophagus, or intestine.

Stomach cancer cells can spread by breaking away from original cancer. They enter bloodstream vessels or lymph ships, which branch into all the tissues of the entire body. The cancer cells may be found in lymph nodes near to the stomach. The cancer cells may connect to other tissues and grow to create new tumors that may harm those tissues. The pass on of cancer is called metastasis.

In 90% of cases, stomach cancer is an adenocarcinoma, which means a cancer that builds up from glandular epithelium cellular material cells that concentrate in making glands.

Stomach Cancer Treatment in Hyderabad

Stomach Cancer Treatment will depend on the results of tests and your general health. People with advanced heart and chest disease may well not tolerate intense therapy. In many situations, the stomach cancer may have advanced too much for any available treatment to work. You will need surgery to be cured. Your cancer is removed entirely, and your esophagus is attached to your small intestine. Surgical treatment may relieve indications of obstruction. The upper end of your cancer is linked to your small bowel, bypassing the area of obstruction. Companion treatment with either chemotherapy or radiation may improve your survival following surgery.

Following your cancer has recently been removed, your doctor will monitor your disease with repeat CT scan and of your abdomen and stomach endoscopy to be sure the cancer does not return.

Technology used for Treating stomach Cancer

Technology used to diagnose as well as remedying of stomach cancer are:

Gastrointestinal (GI) endoscopy: This is superior because it allows a direct view of the area of concern. A doctor can also take a sample of tissue (biopsy) to confirm the diagnosis.

Barium studies are also effective in detecting stomach cancers, even though may be less effective in detecting small cancer. Suspicious areas seen on barium study always require further endoscopic checking. Ba (symbol) studies may have a major role in screening process because they cause less discomfort in contrast to gastroscopy.

When doctors establish the analysis, further tests are performed, including the following:

  • A CT scan of the abdomen
  • Chest x-ray film

Nuclear bone scans: These types of may be helpful in ruling out advanced condition that has spread exterior your cancer walls.



The oncology medical centre is composed of physicians dedicated to treating cancer and metastases to the system with the most advanced technology. We work with specialists in other regions of care when necessary to give you an extensive approach to treatment of stomach cancer. Dr. Sachin Subhash Marda is a one of the best stomach cancer surgeon in Hyderabad, he use latest and many advanced gastric cancer treatments in Hyderabad.

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Dr. Sachin - Cancerindia

Dr.Sachin Marda, working as Consultant in Surgical Oncology at Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad. For more info visit @ http://www.cancerindia.co.in

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