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Chemotherapy Vs Radiotherapy

The Difference Between Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy

May 19, 2017 - Dr. Sachin - Cancerindia

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The Difference Between Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy

What Is Chemotherapy Treatment?

Mainly chemotherapy is to stop the spread of cancer to other parts of the body. It is a “systemic” treatment — working through the whole body to prevent the spread of the disease. The drug(s) used will vary with regards to the type and stage of cancer as well as the patient’s age and health.

Chemotherapy side effects

Chemotherapy side results vary with regards to the type and amount of chemotherapy treatment used and how the body reacts to it. Because chemotherapy drugs navigate the body, they can also impact healthy cellular cells, ultimately causing a variety of side effects.

Chemotherapy is designed to kill quick-progress cancer cells, but this can sometimes lead to side effects relating to the body’s other, healthy fast-growing cells.

– Blood developing cells in the bone marrow (anemia, increased risk of infection, bruising)
– Temporary hair loss
– Cells in the mouth area, digestive and reproductive system (nausea, loss appetite, congestion)

Some Chemotherapy drugs can harm cells in the heart, kidneys, urinary, lungs, and nervous system. Your doctor monitors you closely and may recommend treatment to protect your body’s normal cells. right now there are also medicines to help relieve side results.

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Precisely what is Radiation Therapy?

Radiation therapy is use of high-energy contaminants or waves to eliminate or damage cancer cells.

Radiation therapy is delivered using special equipment that transmits high doses of rays to the cancer cells. Radiation can also affect healthy cells, however, normal cells can repair themselves, while cancer cells cannot.

Sometimes Radiation can be used cancer treatment, or it could be used to help you feel better, such as to minimize bone pain, for example. Radiation can take place on its own, but it can frequently combined with radiation treatment as a comprehensive cancer treatment plan.

Radiation Therapy is used to treat just the tumor, so that it influences only the part of the body that has cancer.

Types of Radiation therapy

External Treatment:

3D conformal radiation therapy after the tumor is planned through imaging, beams of radiation treat the cancer tumor.
Intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) gives the rays oncologists the ability to more precisely “custom sculpt” the condition of the tumor. This helps provide the right amount of rays better, as well as really helps to preserve healthy cells surrounding the tumor.

Internal Treatment:

The most common types of cancers cared for with internal radiation therapy are:

– Breast
– Cervical, ovarian, pelvic
– Head and neck
– Chest
– Perianal
– Prostate

Which Cancer Treatment is best?

The treatment plan may be chemotherapy, radiation therapy. It is essential that you understand your options, so patients are encouraged to ask questions. If you choose to research the types of cancer treatments available, make sure you’re by using a reliable source. Your oncologist and health care team will continue to work closely with you to determine your better treatment plan. For more information on chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and the treatment options, visit http://www.cancerindia.co.in/treatment.html

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